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November 13, 2007



Ugh . . . I still haven't finished conditioning my clay! I need to get off the computer and get to work . . . get the house cleaned, get some food cooked, I am SO not ready for this weekend and having KLEW stay here. Looking foward to seeing you soon!
Go Buckeyes .

Kathy Weaver


WHEW!!! This was a lot of clay to get conditioned! I am sure your house looks great, and I KNOW you're a great cook. Lucky you, sharing you place with KLEW!! Go Bucks.


I'm going to put a sign over Nathan's bed says

"Grant, Christi, Marla, Dayle, and KLEW slept here (but not at the same time)."

Kathy Weaver

I think that would make a fantastic sign. You need to make sure to leave room to add more names....
Other Kathy

Mojo Klewie

Well, well, what nice picture words you have conjured up in my minds eye.... I look forward to meeting you too. Not to worry about the measurements; long ago I used to just suggest an aproximate size and so many of the students wanted to know a measurement! "I don't know... about this much" I would say as long as its enough!.... too many blank faces and confused looks later I was told I really needed to give a measurement by so many that I complied (against my will I might add)... since I am such a rebel by nature. So suffice it to say my friend that it is better to have more than you need than not to have enough then have to stop the create process in order to condition more clay! So, that's where I am at.
Be well~Klew

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